[R] SAS for R-users

Thomas Levine thomas.levine at gmail.com
Fri May 14 14:33:37 CEST 2010

There are loads of resources for users of any other
statistics package who are learning R. For example


The reverse isn't the case


Having heard rumors of how unelegant other statistics
packages are, I don't see why any R-user would
ever want to switch to anything else. That said,
users of other statistics packages will sometimes
make R-users switch to their statistics packages.

The only resources I've found for R-users learning
SAS are still intended for SAS-users learning R.


Bob Muenchen says that 'Ralph O’Brien says that
in a few years there will be so many students
graduating knowing mainly R that [he]’ll need to
write, “SAS for R Users.” That’ll be the day!'

I can't wait that long. Until then and until I can
convince colleagues and teachers to use better
software, how do you suggest that I learn SAS?
I suspect that it'll be a book on R for SAS-users,
so I'm expecting recommendations of books like
those that are best for R-users learning SAS.

This question would be more appropriate for a
SAS mailing list, I couldn't find any except for
those of a few regional groups.



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