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Anderson, Chris chris.anderson at paradigmcorp.com
Fri May 14 20:46:41 CEST 2010

I am trying to create a map with selected states based on highest to lowest mean cost. The following code properly selects the correct states, and the legend is properly color coded with ranges, but the colors per range does not match the state colors. I need help getting the state colors to match the ranges outlined in the legend. I have tried ordering the mean amounts and this correctly creates the vector of colors in the correct order, but when applied to the map the colors don't match. Attached is the R dataset of my data. Please help me tweak the map so the colors are properly assigned.

# Get the entire US map for use later.
us.map <- map("state", plot = FALSE, fill = TRUE)

# Calculate the range of the map (with extra margins).
xl <- extendrange(us.map$range[1:2])
yl <- extendrange(us.map$range[3:4])

library(RColorBrewer) # creates nice color schemes

plotclr <- brewer.pal(nclr,"PuRd")
class <- classIntervals(NatSTSummaryHigh.abi$STMean, nclr, style="fisher" )
colcode <- findColours(class, plotclr)

# Plot a multi-panel map of all the states, and colour
xyplot(y~x | NatSTSummaryHigh.abi$PrimaryDX, data = state.center,groups=names(attr(colcode, "table")),
    main="High Cost States by Diagnosis ( > National Avg)",
    xlim = xl, ylim = yl, scales = list(draw=FALSE),
    aspect = "iso",
    xlab = NULL, ylab = NULL,
    strip = strip.custom(var.name="Diagnosis", sep=": ",
    strip.names=TRUE, strip.levels=TRUE),
    auto.key=list(border=TRUE,space="right",text=names(attr(colcode, "table"))),
    par.settings = simpleTheme(pch=16,col=attr(colcode, "palette"),cex=0.9),
     subscripts = TRUE,
    panel = function(..., subscripts) {
        # Plot the entire US map.
        # Select the states to plot.
        core.states=map("state", regions=NatSTSummaryHigh.abi$JurisdtnStateName[subscripts],
            plot=FALSE, fill=TRUE)

        # Plot the states.
        panel.polygon(core.states$x, core.states$y,
            col = trellis.par.get("superpose.line")$col)
    } )

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