[R] BRugs under Linux?

Kevin E. Thorpe kevin.thorpe at utoronto.ca
Mon May 17 18:46:52 CEST 2010


In this post:


Uwe Ligges suggests using BRugs rather than R2WinBUGS under windows.  He 
also notes that it is not in the main CRAN repository, but it is in 
"extras" which is a default repository under windows.

I have OpenBUGS 3.1.0 (the latest that has a native Linux version  which 
is no longer called linBUGS) installed on my Linux box and would like to 
interact with it from R.  I see posts on this from 2009, but these 
predate the 3.1.0 version, so I'm wonering if there is anything new here.

Is BRugs the recommended approach from Linux?  If so, the required 
repository is not a default on my installation.  What is the address of 
the repository where this will be found?  If BRugs is not the best 
solution from Linux, can anyone suggest a better alternative?

Note that I also know about jags and have that installed also, but until 
I become a bit more familiar with this software I'm starting from BUGS.


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