[R] Maximization of quadratic forms

Ravi Varadhan rvaradhan at jhmi.edu
Wed May 19 04:52:06 CEST 2010

Hi Taki,

This should be doable with "gnls" by properly specifying the `weights' argument, although I cannot figure out how to do it without spending much time (someone like Doug Bates would know for sure).

But let me ask you:  did you try the straightforward nonlinear optimization (e.g. optim)?  Did you run into any convergence problems?  Did it take way too much time?   

If \mu(\beta) is not a nasty function, you should be able to provide analytic gradient for your objective function.  This would make nonlinear optimization quite efficient.  



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Subject: [R] Maximization of quadratic forms
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> Dear R Help,
>  I am trying to fit a nonlinear model for a mean function 
> $\mu(Data_i,\beta)$ for a fixed covariance matrix where $\beta$ and 
> $\mu$ are low-dimensional. More specifically, for fixed 
> variance-covariance matrices $\Sigma_{z=0}$ and $\Sigma_{z=1}$ 
> (according to a binary covariate $Z$), I am trying to minimize:
>  $\sum_{i=1^n} (Y_i-\mu_(Data_i,\beta))' \Sigma_{z=z_i}^{-1} (Y_i-\mu_(Data_i,\beta))$
>  in terms of the parameter $\beta$. Is there a way to do this in R in 
> a more stable and efficient fashion than just using a general 
> optimization function such as optim? I have tried to use gnls, but I 
> was unsuccessful in specifying different values of the covariance 
> matrix according to the covariate $Z$.
>  Thank you very much for your help,
>  Taki Shinohara
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