[R] Rprofile: distinguish between Rgui, Rterm, JGR?

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu May 27 23:05:47 CEST 2010

Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> Michael Friendly wrote:
>> [Environment: Win XP, R 2.10.1]
>> In my Rprofile I have startup code to do various things, intended for 
>> when I use the Rgui console.
>> Some of these are causing problems in JGR now that I've installed 
>> it.  How can I test for R
>> running with Rgui to do some of these things only there?
> Look at .Platform$GUI.  It shows "Rgui" or "RTerm" for those two.  I 
> don't have JGR installed, but I'd guess it shows something differently 
> there.
> Duncan Murdoch
Thanks, Duncan

This is helpful.  For anyone else's reference, both JGR  and 
eclipse/StatET (Win XP)  deliver the following

 > .Platform$GUI
[1] "unknown"

What prompted this was that I have code in Rprofile to save/restore my 
session history. But JGR replies
Error in loadhistory(file) :
  'loadhistory' can only be used in Rgui and Rterm

Then it hung on exit with savehistory(), forcing a crtl-alt-del 
excursion to the task manager.

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