[R] ICD9 codes

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Sat May 29 00:40:03 CEST 2010

Your notes are bordering on harassment.  Do you expect that everyone who 
reads this list will reply "I do not have anything that will help you" 
if they don't?  By my count this is your 4th note asking for this help.

That being said I hope that you do find help somewhere or implement it 
yourself and share the result, as your question is an important one.

Also, please be sure to state your affiliation on your notes.


On 05/28/2010 02:19 PM, Vishwanath Sindagi wrote:
> Hello:
> I am working on getting some statistics related to clinical trials and
> stuff. I have to work with ICD9 codes.
> Is anyone aware of any R method that deals with ICD9 codes
> verification and manipulation.
> Thanks
> Vishwanath

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