[R] Question about package coin

Bryan Keller bskeller at wisc.edu
Sun May 30 05:30:08 CEST 2010

Anyone know if coin can run a permutation test based on a (user-defined) statistic other than the mean difference?  The function independence_test does the permutation t-test via difference in means.  I'm wondering if it's possible to use independence_test to run a permutation test for some other statistic than the difference in means.  For example, I'd like to run a permutation test using Welch's t instead of the difference in means.

The help for independence_test reveals that "teststat" is an argument which allows for specification of standardized scalar test statistic, a maximum type statistic, or a quadratic form.  I cannot, however, figure out if it is possible to specify how the statistic should be calculated by, for example, supplying a function.

There are other mentions of test statistic in the help file but they all seem to have to do with the names of classes or objects which can be retrieved from coin output.


Bryan Keller, Doctoral Student/Project Assistant
Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methods
The University of Wisconsin - Madison

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