[R] Bayesian Quantile regression installation

Sarah Goslee sarah.goslee at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:18:15 CET 2011

Please send your questions to the R-help list, and not directly to me.

You provide your OS this time, but not any of the other information
requested in the posting guide, like your version of R.

What you did would be nice too. Used the menu option? Or used
install.packages() at the command line?

If this is an internet-enabled computer, the latter is by far
the easiest option: it will download and install the package
for you.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 6:34 AM, kalam narendar reddy
<narendarcse007 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sarah Goslee,
> The following i sthe error if i tried to use the install packages from
> local zip files ven though i have loacated the bayesQR_1.3 which is
>  winRAR zip archieve  fie.
>  Error in read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type"))
> :
>   cannot open the connection
> In addition: Warning message:
> In read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type")) :
>   cannot open compressed file 'bayesQR_1.3(1)/DESCRIPTION', probable reason
> 'No such file or directory'

The filename shown here is not the one that's in the CRAN archive -
did you try to download it more than once? That may confuse Windows, I
don't know. I don't use Windows (another reason you shouldn't be
emailing me directly). But try renaming it without the (1) and see if
that works.

> tell me what is the reason for it. i have tried to install the package from
> local zip file(binary version for windows of bayesian quantile regression
> ).my os is windows7 and i have followed the procedure as it is told in the
> manual for windows for package installation.still i am unanle to install.pls
> understand my problem.
> thanks in advance for your kind reply.pls reply as early as possible.


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