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Thu Dec 1 14:12:16 CET 2011

i know this is not about R.
After applying quantile regression with t=0.5,0.6  on the data set WBC(
Wisconsin Breast Cancer)with 678 observations and 9 independent
variables(inp1,inp2,...inp9) and 1 dependent variable(op)  i have got the 
following results for beta values.

when t=0.5(median regression) beta values   b1=0.002641,b2=0.045746,b3=0.
,b8=0.031394,b9=0.004993 and intercept is -0.181388

and when t=0.6 beta values are
b1=0,b2=0.01,b3=0,b4=-0.002,b5=0.004,b6=0.1111,b7=0.002,b8=0,b9=0 and
intercept is -0.009 .

 sir,how to interpret the above beta coefficients and what do they mean
t=0.5 means are we considering first 50% of the total data?
t=0.6 means are we considering the first 60% of the total data?
 can we write a equation like

as in Linear Regression
to calculate the predicted output of y or not??

 If we are taking  into  consideration 5 quantiles of data ,Does it  mean
that we are dividing data it into 5 parts??which variables i have to
consider if the data is to be divided into 5 parts?

  i got  5 equations for 5 quantiles, what exactly each equation represents?                                                                    
  Can i write single equation for the data set as in mean regression by
combining the 5 equations of each quantile.
Please reply me.

Thanks In advance,

    With regards

Kalam Naerndar Reddy
University of Hyderabad.

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