[R] [R-pkgs] RSQLite 0.11.0

Seth Falcon seth at userprimary.net
Thu Dec 1 22:48:59 CET 2011

A new version of RSQLite has been uploaded to CRAN. Details on the enhancements and fixes are below. Please direct questions to the R-sig-db mailing list.

Version 0.11.0

- Enhance type detection in sqliteDataType (dbDataType). The storage
  mode of a data.frame column is now used as part of the type
  detection. Prior to this patch, all vectors with class other than
  numeric or logical were mapped to a TEXT column. This patch uses the
  output of storage.mode to map to integer and double vectors to
  INTEGER and REAL columns, respectively.  All other modes are mapped
  to a TEXT column.

- Detection of BLOBs was narrowed slightly. The code now treats only
  objects with data.class(obj) == "list" as BLOBs. Previously, is.list
  was used which could return TRUE for lists of various classes.

- Fix bug in sqliteImportFile (used by dbWriteTable) that prevented a
  comment character from being specified for the input file.

- Increase compile-time SQLite limits for maximum number of columns in
  a table to 30000 and maximum number of parameters (?N) in a SELECT
  to 40000. Use of wide tables is not encouraged. The default values
  for SQLite are 2000 and 999, respectively. Databases containing
  tables with more than 2000 columns may not be compatible with
  versions of SQLite compiled with default settings.

- Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.9.

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