[R] Unexplained behavior of level names when using ordered factors in lm?

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Fri Dec 2 18:22:47 CET 2011

Hi Bert,

Since you opened the door ...

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Bert Gunter <gunter.berton at gene.com> wrote:
> ?ordered
> ?C
> ?contr.poly
> If you don't know what polynomial contrasts are, consult any good
> linear models text. MASS has a good, though a bit terse, section on
> this.

Do you have a "favorite" liner model text with a bit more exposition than MASS?

Even though this list isn't for teaching stats, whenever I can catch
some of the tried and true statisticians talking about texts on
specific subject matter, I like to take advantage of it to see what I
need to add to my amazon wish list to help sharpen the old saw :-)


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