[R] R, PostgresSQL and poor performance

Joe Conway mail at joeconway.com
Sat Dec 3 00:43:45 CET 2011

On 12/02/2011 09:46 PM, Berry, David I. wrote:
> Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I've tried the RpgSQL drivers and
> the results are pretty similar in terms of performance.
> The ~1.5M records I'm trying to read into R are being extracted from a
> table with ~300M rows (and ~60 columns) that has been indexed on the
> relevant columns and horizontally partitioned (with constraint checking
> on). I do need to try and optimize the database a bit more but I don¹t
> think this is the cause of the performance issues.

With that much data you might want to consider PL/R:



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