[R] xyplot squeezed together

syrvn mentor_ at gmx.net
Sun Dec 4 12:49:00 CET 2011


I created the following example of a xyplot. The plot actually looks ok
apart from that the

x-axis is pretty squeezed/clinched. I tried aspect="fill" already but I want
to have all 3 sub plots

next to each other. I tried loads of different scaling varieties but with no
significant result...


N <- 6

d <- data.frame(factor(rep(c("A1","A2","A3"),each=N),
		       factor(rep(c("B1", "B2", "B3", "B4", "B5", "B6", "B7", "B8", "B9"),
     		                  levels=c("B1", "B2", "B3", "B4", "B5", "B6", "B7",
"B8", "B9")),
    		                    rep(c(0,1), each=N/3/2))

colnames(d) <- c("ID", "class", "group")

value <- matrix(c(400,300, 320,380, 410,500, 800,670, 810,900, 560,750,
1100,1200, 1200,1300, 1300,1200))

d <- cbind(d, value)

xyplot(value ~ group | ID, d, groups = class, type = c("g", "b"),
          auto.key = list(lines = TRUE, columns = 3), xlab = "blocked=0,
	  ylab = "value", aspect = 'xy', scales=list(x=list(at=-1:2,

Anyone any ideas how to enlarge the x-axis?


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