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On 05-Dec-11 18:39:21, Justin Fincher wrote:
> Howdy,
>    I have read that if you put a URL in the text of a plot
> being saved into pdf, the result is a functional hyperlink.
> I am interested in having text in a plot that is linked to
> a URL, but I would like the text to be something other than
> the URL. Is this possible? Thank you.
> - Fincher

The "kosher" method of doing this kind of thing (and a host
of other interactive elements in a PDF file) would be to
incorporate a so-called PDFmark into the PDF code. See for


There are various ways of doing this in some document-preparation
programs, but I don't know whether it would be easy to do this
when creating a PDF in R. In mt experience, this involves first
passing via PostScript.

Any comments, anyone?


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