[R] lists everywhere

Kehl Dániel kehld at ktk.pte.hu
Mon Dec 5 20:21:20 CET 2011

Dear list members,

I have a really simple problem.
I connected to a DB and have the following query

adat <- dbGetQuery(con, paste("select * from kmdata where SzeAZ='", 
szeazok[i], "' order by datum", sep=""))

now I have the data in the adat variable which is a list. In fact the 
elements of the list are lists as well
 > is.list(adat)
[1] TRUE
 > is.list(adat[10])
[1] TRUE
 > is.list(adat[[10]])
 > is.vector(adat[[10]])
[1] TRUE

I simply want to use a function with sapply on the 13-76th columns of 
the original list.
sapply(data[[13:76]], myfunc) does not work of course. I tried to define 
13:76 in a vector, still no result.
How is it possible?

thanks a lot

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