[R] args() function does not list function prototype for locally-produced/installed R package

Rick Reeves rcreeves at west.net
Mon Dec 5 21:04:51 CET 2011


I have check the 'Building R Extensions' manual and can find no advice 
on this issue,
so I am asking --

I have created an R package consisting entirely of R source code, and 
created an installer
using the R CMD build / R CMD check commands. The package installs 
correctly, using
R CMD install, and the .Rd files for each function (one function per .R 
/ .Rd file) are visible
using the '?function' command. However, the 'args(function)' command 
does not list the
function prototype; instead generating the error:

Error in args(function) : object "function" not found.

Question: If it is possible, what changes do I make to my package and 
install process to get
args() to display the function prototype(s) for the functions in my 
local package?

Rick Reeves

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