[R] maximum number of files to choose with tk_choose.files ?

cristabel.duran at waldbau.uni-freiburg.de cristabel.duran at waldbau.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Dec 7 15:29:26 CET 2011

Dear R-list,

I am running a script in which I calculate and create new
files from orginal ones.
As I have a large number of files to process, I automatize
this calculation with a loop.

First, I am choosing the files to work with.
This is done by using:

Files <- if(interactive()) tk_choose.files(default =
paste(getwd(),"/", sep=""), filter = Filters, multi=TRUE,
caption = "Files to process")

It works ok but if I am choosing approximately less than
350-400 files.
If I want to choose more files, it is not working.

Some additional information:
Files are 5kb big.
R version 2.12.1
memory.limit 4000

Someone have an idea if the function tk_choose.files
recognizes a maximum of files to work with?

thanks and greetings,

Cristabel Durán Rangel. PhD Student.
Institute of Silviculture. Faculty of Forest and
Environmental Sciences. University of Freiburg.
Telf: +49 (761) 203 8604 (ofc) 

„Man lernt die Physiognomie einer Landschaft desto besser
kennen, je genauer man die einzelnen Züge auffaßt, sie
untereinander vergleicht und so auf dem Wege der Analysis
den Quellen der Genüsse nachgeht, die uns das große
Naturgemälde bietet.“
				Alexander von Humboldt, 1799

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