[R] axis line width in boxplots

GINGINS Simon simon.gingins at unine.ch
Wed Dec 7 17:51:23 CET 2011

Dear R-helpers,

I've produced boxplots for a publication but I have a visual problem that I don't mamage to fix. For visual reasons, I reduced the line width with "lwd=0.5". It works nicely for all the lines (frame of the plot, boxes, notches and medians) exept for the axis line. Thus the two axes appear twice the width of the frame. How can I control only the width of the axis line? Or, other option, how can I get rid of the axis line without getting rid of the tickmarks (as below the axis, there is the line from the frame, I don't really need the axis line)?

Thank you for all the help you guys provide, it is extremely useful!


Simon Gingins
PhD student

University of Neuchâtel
Institute of Biology
Department of Behavioural Ecology
Rue Emile-Argand 11
2000 Neuchâtel

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