[R] a weird "cut" question

Erin Hodgess erinm.hodgess at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 04:15:05 CET 2011

Dear R People:

I have the following data:

> ail.df[,1]
[1] 47677 47602 47678 47905 47909 47906 47605 47673 47607
> cut(ail.df[,1],breaks=3)
[1] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04]
[4] (4.78e+04,4.79e+04] (4.78e+04,4.79e+04] (4.78e+04,4.79e+04]
[7] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04] (4.76e+04,4.77e+04]
Levels: (4.76e+04,4.77e+04] (4.77e+04,4.78e+04] (4.78e+04,4.79e+04]
so I have cut ail.df[,1] into 3 levels.  However, the second level
never appears in the data set.

Is there a way to set cut such that every level appears, please?

thanks in advance,

Erin Hodgess
Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
University of Houston - Downtown
mailto: erinm.hodgess at gmail.com

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