[R] R on the cloud - Windows to Linux

Whit Armstrong armstrong.whit at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 17:44:59 CET 2011

> I don't know where to start because, it looks like rzmq is not available for
> Windows and it looks like AWS.tools and deathstar depend on rzmq, so by

Hence my reference to work.  patches welcome.

> Will using a
> local Windows box continue to be an issue as I progress with R and EC2? I've
> run into several hurdles already, including some that are not associated
> with the cloud.

My opinion only, but if you want to use big data and hpc, then use linux.

If you move your data into s3, you can simply boot up a micro linux
instance in the cloud and do your development there (I think usage of
a micro instance is free w/ a new AWS account).

If you have local linux servers available, then even better.


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