[R] lda output missing

David Lutz lutzda at wfu.edu
Thu Dec 8 16:29:15 CET 2011

Hello everyone,

I am working on a linear discriminant analysis and am having issues finding
the full output of my lda. Specifically, there is no reporting of the
Proportion of Trace that is a normal output of the procedure. I'm using a
csv file and everything is reading in correctly. I've looked and looked and
can't figure out why my output is not complete. Is it something simple that
I am overlooking?

I am working in R 2.14.0 with an updated MASS package. Here is my syntax:

lda(CC ~ sumstem + maxdbh + maxh + cdlai + sumlai + sumbas + 
    totalbio + ratio, data = practice)

and the output is:

Prior probabilities of groups:
normal   warm 
   0.5    0.5 

Group means:
        sumstem   maxdbh     maxh       cdlai   sumlai   sumbas totalbio
normal 901.3722 16.66994 15.70927 0.010393258 1.672247 5.471812 27.67875
warm   972.4916 22.27247 19.64740 0.002429775 3.181994 9.892683 47.68511
normal 0.01162921
warm   0.85721910

Coefficients of linear discriminants:
sumstem   0.001111176
maxdbh    0.034299258
maxh     -0.287343783
cdlai    -2.021350057
sumlai    1.407215702
sumbas   -0.419422181
totalbio  0.110403369
ratio     0.001657649

David A. Lutz, Ph. D.

Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
Wake Forest University

The Amazon Aid Foundation

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