[R] Hinton Diagram for a matrix of weights

Xavier Fernández i Marín xfim.ll at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 11:04:27 CET 2011

Jim Lemon vas escriure el dia dj, 08 des 2011:

> The Hinton diagram looks fairly close to an image plot, or the 
> color2D.matplot function. The difference is that the area of the squares 
> in the Hinton plot are proportional to some value rather than the color, 
> which indicates the sign of the value. If you have no luck finding this, 
> I think I could easily morph color2D.matplot into a Hinton diagram 
> function.

I have tried the color2D.matplot() function and it works fine for what I
need now (checking matrices for my own use). However, it would be great if
R can have Hinton diagrams, and color2D.matplot would probably be the best
way to start. So I will appreciate very much if you can morph it.

Probably the single line to change will be the calls to hexagon() and
rect(), which will need some tunning. I will be glad to try to help.


-  Xavier  -

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