[R] profile likelihood

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 22:39:47 CET 2011

plocq <less.is.mo_ <at> hotmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I try to use the function profile() of the SpatialExtremes' package to
> obtain the profile likelihood of parameters for an extreme values fit based
> on Poisson process :
> fit<-fpot(data, threshold, model="pp", npp=365).
> But when I call "profile(fit)", I obtain the following error (even if I
> precise others arguments of the function) :
> [1] "profiling loc"
> Erreur dans nlpot(p[1], p[2], ...) :
> argument(s) inutilisé(s) (loc = 9.58435562072)
> I don't understand what is unused and why. From where does this error come
> from? If someone could help me it would be nice...!
> --

  We need a reproducible example, please.

  fpot() is in the evd package, not in the SpatialExtremes package
(you didn't say explicitly that it was, but this would be helpful

  This minimal example works:

uvdata <- rgpd(100, loc = 0, scale = 1.1, shape = 0.2)
M1 <- fpot(uvdata, 1)

  So you need to provide us with a minimal example that doesn't work.

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