[R] axis tick colors: only one value allowed?

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Tue Dec 13 01:40:29 CET 2011

So far as I can tell, the 'col.ticks' parameter for axis() only uses the 
first value provided.  E.g.:

  plot(0:1,0:1, col.ticks=c('blue','red','green'))  #all ticks are blue

Just wondering if there's a different option in the basic plot commands 
that can handle multiple colors, and also whether ggplot and/or lattice 
allow for multiple tick colors.

Background: I ran into this limit while trying to colorize the ticks as 
plotted by rug() .   There's an easy workaround, as the output of rug() 
can be duplicated with something along the lines of

 > points(mydata, rep(0.5, length(mydata)), 
col=rainbow(20)[mydata*20/max(mydata)] )

So I can create color rugplots, but do wonder about enhancements to the 
plot routines (albeit pretty silly enhancements).

As another side note: calling rug() with color set to '#00000033'  lets 
you see dense regions as darker than sparse regions, without having to 
resort to calling  jitter() first.



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