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This year JSS, at www.jstatsoft.org, published eight volumes V38-V45. Five of them were special volumes:

V38 -  Competing Risks and Multi-State Models (guest editor Putter)
V41 - Statistical Software for State Space Methods (Guest editors Commandeur, Koopman, Ooms)
V42 - Poltical Methodology (Guest editors Altman, Fox, Jackman, Zeileis)
V44 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging in R (Guest editors Tabelow, Whitcher)
V45 - Multiple Imputation (Guest editor Yucel)

The Thomson/Reuters Impact Factors for the last three year for computational statistics journals are

Comp Stat 0.500 -> 0.731 -> 0.628
CSDA 0.226 -> 1.281 -> 1.089
JCGS 1.505 -> 1.258 -> 1.206
JSS 1.033 -> 2.320 -> 2.647

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