[R] need help with a time series plotting problem

vibhava vibhavasrivastava at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 23:31:16 CET 2011

thanks for your reply. i don't think your solution is what i am looking for.
Please look at the attached two plots; first plot is what i have made using
excel and the second plot is what i was getting when i was running my script
through R yesterday night. I think my script was reading and implementing
things nicely but the only problem was that at the end of each year my time
series line use to start from the same axis label (instead of keep creating
more labels and extending the x-axis.
                      therefore what happened was that unlike the excel plot
which has x-axis from oct00-oct2011, i have x-axis labels jan-nov.  i am
looking for something similar to excel where you select the axis and right
click on it and you can extend the x-axis. 
                     so to sum up i *just need* to know how to extend my
x-axis (see attached figures) so that i get a continuous line (i need one
line for each plot representing 11 years of record AND DO NOT want 11 lines
representing the same thing).


http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/file/n4232160/flow.docx flow.docx 

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