[R] good method of removing outliers?

Paul paul at paulhurley.co.uk
Sat Dec 31 00:01:01 CET 2011

On 30/12/11 17:03, Michael wrote:
> Happy holidays all!
> I know it's very subjective to determine whether some data is outlier or
> not...
> But are there reasonally good and realistic methods of identifying outliers
> in R?
> Thanks a lot!
Ignoring the moral questions for a moment (totaly depends on your 
defintion of an outlier, your dataset, it's distribution etc etc), for 
the technical implementation, try the outliers package 
(http://www.stats.bris.ac.uk/R/web/packages/outliers/index.html), which 
implements the Grubbs and Cox tests.  Also, see this stackoverflow 
answer of mine that shows an implementation of the Llund test for 
outliers within a regression ( http://stackoverflow.com/a/1444548/74658 ).



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