[R] nested "for" loops

nick_pan nick_pan88 at yahoo.gr
Sat Nov 5 00:49:14 CET 2011

Hi all , I have written a code with nested "for" loops . 
The aim is to estimate the maximum likelihood by creating 3 vectors with the
same length( sequence ) 
and then to utilize 3 "for" loops to make combinations among the 3 vectors ,
which are (length)^3 in number , and find the one that maximize the
likelihood ( maximum likelihood estimator).

The code I created, runs but I think something goes wrong...because when I 
change the length of the vectors but not the bounds the result is the

I will give a simple example(irrelevant but proportional to the above) to
make it more clear...

Lets say we want to find the combination that maximize the multiplication of
the entries of some vectors.

V2<-c(5, 2 , 4)
V3<-c( 4, 3, 6)

The combination we look for is ( 3 , 5 , 6) that give us 3*5*6 = 90

If I apply the following in R , I won't take this result

V2<-c(5, 2 , 4)
V3<-c( 4, 3, 6)

for( i in V1){
  for( j in V2) {
     for( k in V3){

l<- i*j*k


Then " l<- i*j*k " is  number and not vector(of all multiplications of all
the combinations) , and is 3*4*6 = 72.

How can I fix the code?

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