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Wed Nov 9 02:00:17 CET 2011

I write about R every weekday at the Revolutions blog:
and every month I post a summary of articles from the previous month
of particular interest to readers of r-help.

In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
month of October:

The creator of the ggplot2 package, Hadley Wickham, shares details on
some forthcoming big-data graphics functions (research sponsored by
Revolution Analytics): http://bit.ly/trFVK6

A list of several dozen free data sources that can easily be imported
into R: http://bit.ly/v28PkM

A webinar on November 17 will introduce the new features in Revolution
R Enterprise 5.0: http://bit.ly/so9WZD

Bob Muenchen gave a presentation "Introduction to R for SAS and SPSS
users"; the slides include many useful resources for new R
programmers: http://bit.ly/sQUqDs

Submissions have been posted for the "Applications of R in Business"
contest, and your comments will be taken into consideration by the
judges: http://bit.ly/urjg8F

How to make a Hallowe'en card with R graphics: http://bit.ly/rMTMJY

An overview of the new features in R 2.14.0: http://bit.ly/rqLNiQ

The Systematic Investor blog shows how to implement an "average
correlation" criterion for optimizing portfolios in R:

The Quantum Forest blog includes several worked examples of
random-effects modeling with R: http://bit.ly/rzeugh

The New York Times "Bits" blog published an article on Big Data that
mentioned R, MapReduce and NoSQL: http://bit.ly/tvwijq

An article in Forbes includes the quote, "Anyone planning to work with
Big Data ought to learn Hadoop and R": http://bit.ly/uf8lLO

High-schoolers celebrate World Statistics Day with R: http://bit.ly/ubU4fE

I posted slides from my presentation "100% R and More" on the features
Revolution R Enterprise adds to open source R: http://bit.ly/ugQlse

A profile of quantitative developer and author of "R Cookbook", Paul
Teetor: http://bit.ly/sMYRsC

A report from the ACM Data Mining Camp includes several applications
of R: http://bit.ly/vIq96a

A list of the "Top 50 Statistics Blogs" includes several that post
content related to R: http://bit.ly/uk8kio

Antonio Piccolboni gave a presentation to the Bay Area R User Group
demonstrating that it's much easer to do K-means clustering in Hadoop
with help from R: http://bit.ly/uPCsAZ

R user Yanh Zhan offers seven good reasons to like R: http://bit.ly/tkkNGF

Joseph Rickert reflects on a presentation by Brad Efron on Bayesian
Inference: http://bit.ly/tWKnnC

Slides are available for the presentation "Backtesting FINRA's Limit
Up/Down Rules", where R was used to investigate the 2010 "Flash Crash"
of the stock market: http://bit.ly/rEl7cS

Two NYC-based R users have organized "DataDive" events for data
scientists to apply their skills to help non-profit and charity
organizations: http://bit.ly/uHokw0

Oracle has announced a "Big Data Appliance" that incorporates open
source R: http://bit.ly/vKGBWL

Other non-R-related stories in the past month included: statisticians
in Glamour magazine (http://bit.ly/w0HsdD ), reviews of the book "A
Million Random Digits" (http://bit.ly/sInHtj ), the good/evil nature
of Big Data (http://bit.ly/uyQgdD ), an even worse use of pie charts
than usual (http://bit.ly/rIYQt4 ), a Rubik's Cube solving robot
(http://bit.ly/tiKD5z ), and a gravity-defying Slinky
(http://bit.ly/tFMH9j ).

There is a new R user group (http://bit.ly/eC5YQe ) in Dublin
(http://bit.ly/sf58rM ). Meeting times for these groups can be found
on the updated R Community Calendar at: http://bit.ly/bb3naW

If you're looking for more articles about R, you can find summaries
from previous months at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/roundups/.
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