[R] Help with tryCatch with a for loop

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Wed Nov 9 22:38:27 CET 2011

Without a sample data set that fails the first pass and succeeds on the second pass this is a pain to test.

Don't forget to read the posting guide... Reproducible sample code isn't too reproducible without some specified data or autogenerated data.
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Spencer S <scheidt14 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm a beginner in R working on a script that will produce a set of
>(linear, polynomial and logistic) for each location in a dataset. 
>the self-starting logistic model often fails - if this happens I would
>to just skip to the next iteration of the loop using tryCatch.  
>I've looked at a few examples and read the help file, but didn't
>tryCatch in the context of my script.  Any help or suggestions (even
>me where to insert the tryCatch command) would be much appreciated!!
>Below is the script I am currently working on:
>#File name is cbc.subset
>data$location.code = as.character(data$location.code)
>locs = unique(location.code)
>pdf("mygraphs.pdf",height=8, width=10)
>for(s in 1:length(locs)){
>  #To plot data from a particular stateroute:
>  sub.ECDO<-data[data$location.code == locs[s],]
>  plot(abund~year, data=sub.ECDO, main=locs[s])
>  #To plot the linear model for the specified location:
>  lmodel<-lm(abund~year, data=sub.ECDO)
>  abline(lmodel$coefficients[1],lmodel$coefficients[2],lty=2)
>  #To plot the polynomial model for the specified location:
>  polymodel<-lm(abund~year+I(year^2), data=sub.ECDO)
>  xv<-seq(min(sub.ECDO$year),max(sub.ECDO$year),0.1)
>  yv<-predict(polymodel,list(year=xv))
>  lines(xv,yv)
>  #To plot the logistic model
>  #####tryCatch
>  logis<-nls(abund~SSlogis(year,a,b,c),data=sub.ECDO)
>  yv<-predict(logis,list(year=xv))
>  lines(xv,yv)
>  #To find which model is the best fit:
>  if ("logis" %in% ls()) {
>    AIC.results = AIC(lmodel,polymodel,logis)
>  } else {
>    AIC.results = AIC(lmodel,polymodel)
>  }
>  #Add text to plot
>  text(min(sub.ECDO$year)+2,0.9*max(sub.ECDO$abund),paste("linear =
>",AIC.results[1,2],"\npolynomial = ",AIC.results[2,2],"\nlogistic =
>  rm(logis)
>  rm(polymodel)
>  rm(lmodel)
>Thank you!
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