[R] 2^k*r experimental design and anova

Giovanni Azua bravegag at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 14:41:48 CET 2011


Can anyone point me to an online tutorial or book containing the easiest way to do ANOVA over the result data from a 2^k*r experiment. It is not clear to me if I can pass the raw data corresponding to each experiment or just the summarized data i.e. mean, sse, std, etc.

I would like to get the:
- box plot showing the effect for the different factors and levels
- plot showing whether there are interaction between every pair of factors
- see the results in tabular form showing the percent of influence of each factor and since this is "r" see also the percent due to experimental error.

I would very much prefer if the plotting is using ggplot2.

Best regards,

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