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On 14-Nov-11 09:57:52, Matthias Gondan wrote:
> Dear R developers,
> I want to draw an arrow in a figure with lty=2. The
> lty argument also affects the edge of the arrow, which is 
> unfortunate. Feature or bug?
> Is there some way to draw an arrow with intact edge, still
> with lty=2?
> Example code:
> plot(1:10)
> arrows(4, 5, 6, 7, lty=2)
> Best wishes,
> Matthias

According to ?arrows, it would seem that there is no
provision to draw the arrow shaft and the arrow head
using different line types with a single call to arrows().

To the extent that this represents the absence of a desirable
feature (since you desire it), I would designate it as a bug.

It can be done with two calls to arrows(), as follows:

  arrows(4, 5, 6, 7, lty=2, length=0)
  arrows(5.99, 6.99, 6, 7, lty=1)

Of course, the first could also be done using lines().


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