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Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Mon Nov 14 22:16:28 CET 2011

There is a difference between parsed functions and .R files.  What you see when you type the name of a function alone on the R command line is a text representation of the parsed function that is ready to run in RAM. That has none of the comments or whitespace from the function as you wrote it.  The parsed version is what the "edit" function allows you to modify. This is why we use .R files.

FWIW I never use the "edit" function. I use a separate window for editing the code I want to keep, and either copy/paste the bits I want to execute (with or without the use of macros to facilitate that) into the R command line, or use the "source" function to pull in a set of functions all at once.
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Jeff Freedman <JFreedman at awstruepower.com> wrote:

>Since installing R 2.14.0 on my Mac (a Mac Pro running 10.6.8) an issue
>has arisen when using the vi editor in conjunction with the edit()
>command. More specifically, commented lines disappear from edited
>functions when using [functionname.R] <- edit().
>That is, if you have created a function called �test.func� as such:
>function ()
># This is a test
>ex _ 4
>    duh <- seq(1, 10)
>    fuh <- seq(11, 20)
>    plot(duh, fuh)
>you will of course get an error message:
>Error in edit(name, file, title, editor) :
>  unexpected input occurred on line 4
> use a command like
> x <- edit()
> to recover
>When using the �x <- edit� (or in this case, test.func <- edit()), the
>comment �This is a test� will disappear from the edited function.
>Does anyone have any insight into this problem?
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