[R] gsub help

Debs Majumdar debs_stata at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 15 01:59:06 CET 2011


 I am working with the following list of files:

[1] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1"               
[2] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1_info"          
[3] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1_info_by_sample"
[4] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1_summary"       
[5] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1_warnings"      

The folder has many other files. I am trying to use gsub to give me just this file: study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1

With Uwe's help I have tried the following:

fls <- list.files(pattern="^study") # which gives me the list above.

ufls <- unique(gsub("(_.*)_.*", "\\1", fls))  # which outputs

[1] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1"        
[2] "study_chr1.one.phased.impute2.chunk1_info_by"

I just want the file under [1] but can't seem to figure it out at this moment. Any help is appreciated.



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