[R] Sweave and accented letters

Giuseppe neox86 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 02:21:59 CET 2011

I often use Lyx/Sweave and I typically write in english.

Today I had to write a document in Italian and, as many of you know,
many italian popular words use è, ù, é. ò, etc.

I discovered that if I type in Italian (that is there is at least one
letter with accent)  with the Sweave module selected lye is not able
to correctly compile the document.

I tried to change the input encoding, but it still does not work. I am
attaching a basic lye file that illustrates the problem.

========= Lyx File

#LyX 2.0 created this file. For more info see http://www.lyx.org/
\lyxformat 413
\textclass article
\use_default_options true
\maintain_unincluded_children false
\language english
\language_package default
\inputencoding utf8-plain
\fontencoding global
\font_roman default
\font_sans default
\font_typewriter default
\font_default_family default
\use_non_tex_fonts false
\font_sc false
\font_osf false
\font_sf_scale 100
\font_tt_scale 100

\graphics default
\default_output_format default
\output_sync 0
\bibtex_command default
\index_command default
\paperfontsize default
\spacing single
\use_hyperref false
\papersize default
\use_geometry false
\use_amsmath 1
\use_esint 1
\use_mhchem 1
\use_mathdots 1
\cite_engine basic
\use_bibtopic false
\use_indices false
\paperorientation portrait
\suppress_date false
\use_refstyle 1
\index Index
\shortcut idx
\color #008000
\secnumdepth 3
\tocdepth 3
\paragraph_separation indent
\paragraph_indentation default
\quotes_language english
\papercolumns 1
\papersides 1
\paperpagestyle default
\tracking_changes false
\output_changes false
\html_math_output 0
\html_css_as_file 0
\html_be_strict false


\begin_layout Standard
Antoine è bella.


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