[R] New site for Scientific Computing Q+A

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 10:57:00 CET 2011

If anyone has ever hesitated about posting a question to R-help that
might be less about R and more about scientific computing in general
(algorithms, datasets etc) then you might be interested in a proposed
new site on StackExchange:


Its currently in the proposal stage, and needs people to register an
interest before it goes into beta phase. Sign up and hit the 'commit'

Note this is a different site to the one I talked about at UseR! this
year - that's www.stackoverflow.com, which is where R programming
questions are asked, much like R-help, along with programming
questions of all languages and creeds.

Apologies if this is a teensie bit off-topic for R-help, but I think
the site could benefit lots of R-help users - including those who dont
want to use the site, by keeping more off-topic questions away from
R-help. Win win.


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