[R] Question on exercise

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 05:14:48 CET 2011

Jan Kraner <jan.kraner <at> gmx.ch> writes:

> Dear Sir/Madam:
> Could you please help me with this exercise and how I could solve it in R?:
> Attachment (PastedGraphic-1.pdf): application/pdf, 84 KiB
> I especially have problems with the selection of the 40 datasets, 
> once taken the 110 (because they have to be
> exactly the remaining ones).

  Sorry, but we don't do homework here.  (Furthermore, PDF is
not the most mailing-list-friendly form of attachment -- if you
do post to the list in the future, plain text is preferred ...)
You should try to get help on your homework locally, through
approved channels.

  Ben Bolker

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