[R] boxplot strange behavior

Giovanni Azua azuagarg at student.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 16 20:16:26 CET 2011


I generate box plots from my data like this:

qplot(x=xxx,y=column,data=data,geom="boxplot") + xlab("xxx") + ylab(ylabel) + theme_bw() + scale_y_log10() + geom_jitter(alpha=I(1/10))

The problem is that I see lot of points above the maximum at the same level as some outliers. It looks very weird as I expected the outliers to be "few" and specially not see any points other than the outliers below the minimum or above the maximum indicator. Can anyone explain what's going on?

Attached I send a snapshot, see the second level having some outliers, separate from the outliers there are also some points which seem not to be outliers and that are above the maximum indicator? is this a bug or am I missing anything?

Best regards,

PS: I sent this to the ggplot2 list too (sorry for the double post but I am kind of under pressure with this)

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