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Scott Raynaud scott.raynaud at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 15:49:17 CET 2011

I believe the problem is a column of zeroes in my x matrix.  I have tried the suggestions in the documentation, 
so now to try to confirm the probelm I'd like to run debug.  Here's where I think the problem is:

###~~~~~~~~~~      Fitting the model using lmer funtion    ~~~~~~~~~~###
(fitmodel <- lmer(modelformula,data,family=binomial(link=logit),nAGQ=1))

I added the mtrace to catch the error, but get the following:

Error in mtrace(fitmodel) : Can't find fitmodel

How can I debug this?

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On 17/11/11 05:37, Scott Raynaud wrote:
> That might be an option if it weren't my most important predictor.  I'm thinking my best bet is to use MLWin for the estimation since it will properly set fixed effects
>  to 0.  All my other sample size simulation programs use SAS PROC IML which I don't have/can't afford.  I like R since it's free, but I can't work around the problem
> I'm currently having.

This is the ``push every possible button until you get a result and to hell with what
anything actually means'' approach to statistics.  The probability of getting a
*meaningful* result from this approach is close to zero.

Why don't you try to *understand* what is going on, rather than wildly throwing
every possible piece of software at the problem until one such piece runs?


        Rolf Turner

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