[R] Reading a file w/ two delimiters

Langston, Jim Jim.Langston at compuware.com
Fri Nov 18 13:37:00 CET 2011

Hi all,

I've been scratching and poking, but basically, the file I need to read has
two delimiters that I need to contend with. The first is that the file
tabs (\t) , instead of newlines (\n), and the second is that the fields
| for the seperators. I can easily do a read if I first convert the \t to
and then use read.table to get the file read with the | separator. But,
what I would really like to do, is do this all within R. I have a lot of
to read and do analysis on.

I can read the data into a table using the \t has delimiter, but can't
out how to take that table data and use the | for separation, I've look at
string splits, etc. but haven't figured out how to split the whole table.

Any thoughts ? hints ?



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