[R] [OT] 1 vs 2-way anova technical question

Giovanni Azua bravegag at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 14:09:17 CET 2011

On Nov 22, 2011, at 10:35 AM, Joshua Wiley wrote:
> It is true the way you use general lists is not our business, but the
> R-help list is a community and there are community rules.  One of

I meant that my use of the lists is not of __his__ business I wasn't referring to you nor other people in this list. Ok the reading skills remark starts to get recursive ... and btw the OP even though marked in the subject as OT was not entirely so i.e. use of R formula etc. 

> those is not to ask questions that are primarily about a lack of
> statistical understanding (although they are not strictly prohibited).

The "lack of statistical understanding" was his own judgmental conclusion which he should have kept for himself, if he starts throwing stones around he should not expect to get flowers back. Previous to this I also received some totally out of place private emails from him and I am not the kind of person that takes B.S. from anyone, he got the wrong guy. And in fact his great fallacious conclusions originated from his lack of reading skills, besides I don't really think he read it at all but just try to run me down with his attacks and unwelcome remarks. 

> Your original post suggests that you knew this, "I know there is
> plenty of people in this group who can give me a good answer :)" but
> chose to ignore it.  Despite this, Bert was generous enough to give
> you some suggestions, perhaps not what you wanted but useful tips
> nonetheless.

My original post only suggested that I know there is people with knowledge about this practical applied statistics problems, nothing else. Before addressing the list I talked to two TA's and one professor. Their help was generic but helpful nevertheless. I preferred to address the question to people with practical working knowledge of ANOVA (I don't think there is a huge population in this area) and the best place I can think of is the R list, the place where I would be subscribed if I worked on these problems every day. Statistics lists will be full of college students who will have equivalent knowledge to what I already have and there they will probably only agree to say yes your QQ looks non-normal and heavy tailed which is what I already knew ... this is a similar answer I got from a TA and couple of student friends doing the MSc in Statistics track.   

Mr. Gunter did not read/understand my problem, and there were no useful tips but only ad hominem attacks. By your side-taking I suspect you are in the same "party club" if you want to defend him maybe you should start by "tying better your dog" so to speak.

> Regarding your suggestion that the list be split into a "beginner" and
> "advanced" list, while that is one option, your original question was
> appropriate for neither.  It was, however, very appropriate for a
> statistics list (e.g., http://stats.stackexchange.com/).

Thank you for the link, it looks very promising. 

Best regards,

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