[R] avoiding the sample in built function

sarah44 flokke at live.de
Wed Nov 23 20:01:30 CET 2011

Dear all, 

I am currently working on a function in which I would like to avoid using
the command sample().

Therefore, I am now trying to make a for loop that does the same thing as
the in built function sample
does: Rearranging the items of a object randomly. 

So, the output I want to you get is the same as sample() would give me: 

data <- c(5,4,6,7,8)

> data <- c(5,4,6,7,8)
> sample(data)
[1] 4 6 7 8 5
> sample(data)
[1] 6 8 4 7 5
> sample(data)
[1] 6 5 4 8 7

Herefore I made a for loop which you can see here:
This for loop is supposed to do the same as the sample() function, 3 times.

data <- c(5,4,6,7,8)
numsim <- 3
n <- length(data)
sample <- matrix(0,numsim,1)

for (i in 1:numsim) {indices <- runif(pool, min = 1, max = n)
                  sample[i,] <- data[indices]

the idea behind this for loop is dat it first creates randomly data by
runif, and then it should 
somehow, by using indeces, store this 3 times in a matrix 'sample'. 
Somehow, I am stuck here and I think that the sample[,i] part is just very
wrong. I am however 
not for a very long time an R user, so I cannot find the solution to this

Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks very much!

Bye, sarah

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