[R] content of global environment with dump.frames()

Jannis bt_jannis at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 24 18:52:35 CET 2011

Dear R users,

I am using dump.frames() to investigate the content of the different environments in cases of errors or during certain steps of a non interactive calculation. I am, however, wondering about how to see the content of the global environment at the moment that dump.fames() was invoked. Her is some test piece (careful about the rm(list=ls(), remove the # if you know what you are doing to easier see the effect):

# rm(list=ls())
test = function() {
  dump.frames(dumpto='test', to.file = TRUE )
# rm(list=ls())

I can now investigate the value of 'b' but could not figure out a way to get the value of 'a'. Am I missing something or is dump.frames only intended to be uses with 


? Most probably some modification of save() would be more apropriate to use in my case but I could not (yet) figure out how to mimic the convenient behaviour of dump.frames() to save the whole call stack.

Thanks for any advice

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