[R] Objects disappearing in my R work space

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 21:51:13 CET 2011

Michael Clawson <michael.v.clawson <at> gmail.com> writes:

> My problem with providing the code, is MCMC is a fairly integrated process,
> so I dont know how I would pare it down to send...
> Would it work to send the MCMC code, and the three *.csv files to go along
> with it?

  Reproducible is essential, minimal is strongly recommended.  The more you
can pare down your code, the more likely it is is that someone will actually
take the time to take a look at it and see what's going on.
  Are you using an external program (JAGS, WinBUGS, etc.) or writing to 
external files that might be getting clobbered by other instances when
you have more than one instance running at once?

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