[R] Inlcudung classes in de contigency table + dataoverflow

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Tue Nov 29 08:37:16 CET 2011

Hello Everybody,

I'm making a contigency table with a dataset which looks like:

Class        Size    Member1       Members2       Members3      etc.
1             2           A                   B                   0
2             3          C                   D                   A
3             3          B                   A                   D
4             3          D                  A                    B

I make the contigency table with the ftab() function
I already found that I can 'export' the table when I use the is.table()
However I would also want to inlcude which class is with which frequency. 
So the result I would like to have: 
size       Var1                Var2             Var3           freq       
2           A                      B                   0                1            
3            C                     D                   A                1            
3           B                      A                   D                2            

Is this possible?

Another question: I've got a dataset with about 40 collums and about 20000
rows. Whenever I try to make a contigency table with all my data I get the
next error:

Error in vector("integer", length) : vector size cannot be NA
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In pd * (as.integer(cat) - 1L) : NAs produced by integer overflow
2: In pd * nl : NAs produced by integer overflow

Could anyone help me with this?
Thank you

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