[R] predicting expected number of events using a coxph model

agittens swiftset at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 19:27:53 CEST 2012

Peter Dalgaard-2 wrote
>> I fit a coxph model:
>> coxphfit <- coxph(Surv(sampledLifetime, !sampledCensoredQ) ~  curpbc6  +
>> prevpbc6,  sampledTimeSeries)
>> Now I'm trying to predict the expected number of events using a new
>> dataset.
>> The documentation suggests that
>> coxPred <- predict(coxphfit, newdata = testTimeSeries, type="expected")
>> will do what I want, but I get the error
>> Error in model.frame.default(data = testTimeSeries, formula =
>> Surv(sampledLifetime,  : 
>>  variable lengths differ (found for 'curpbc6')
>> when I do this. The dataframes sampledTimeSeries and testTimeSeries were
>> constructed by taking rows from a larger dataframe, so they have the same
>> data.
>> What am I doing incorrectly?
> Most likely referring to a variable not in testTimeSeries. (I kind of
> suspect that unlike predict.lm, predict.coxph does not ignore the left
> hand side of formulas. Does testTimeSeries contain a sampledLifetime
> column?)

No, I did not have the lifetime and censored data in the dataframe. 

Per your idea, I put the sampledLifetime and and sampledCensoredQ variables
in the dataframe sampledTimeSeries and left the rest of the code the same.
Now when I try with the new data set,

coxPred <- predict(coxphfit, newdata = testTimeSeries, type="expected")

I get different errors. If I use testTimeSeries without the lifetime and
censor indicator columns (which shouldn't be required for prediction), then
i get the same error as before. If I put in these columns, then I get the

Error in predict.coxph(coxphfit, newdata = testTimeSeries, type =
"expected",  : 
  object 'x' not found

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