[R] carpet plots

Richard Müller mueller.eisborn at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 2 20:05:12 CEST 2012

Hi all,
I wonder why there is so little software for carpet plots (german:
Rasterdiagramm) (Three dimensional plot (x, y, z), the 3rd dimension
(z) symbolized by colourgradients). Besides from one or the other non
free software I only found an OpenOffice macro, a combination of
Gnuplot and Excel (an Excel macro calling gnuplot)
(http://www.johannes-hopf.de/2009/12/carpet-plot-version-1-3/9 and
Quikgrid (http://www.galiander.ca/quikgrid/) which I use for
bathymetric maps.

Though I use one or two R scripts I have no deeper knowledge. Because
I think "That's a thing R can do!", I suppose, there are scripts for
this purpose. Perhaps one of you knows such a script. I would be very
grateful if you could point me to some information on this subject.


Richard Müller . Am Spring 9 . D-58802 Balve

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