[R] problem with quilt.plot

Peter Ehlers ehlers at ucalgary.ca
Wed Jul 4 21:42:04 CEST 2012

On 2012-07-04 03:39, Tamara Hunjak wrote:
> HI to you all!
> I have problem with quilt.plot....this is the code:
> quilt.plot(long_gridded,lat_gridded,d18O_gridded,nrow=n,ncol=m,xaxt='n',yaxt='n',xlab=NA, ylab=NA,breaks=seq(d18O_gridded_1,d18O_gridded_2,length.out=number_colors),col=col,horizontal=FALSE,nlevel=number_colors - 1,legend.args=list(quote(delta^18*O~("‰")),col="black",cex=0.8,side=3,line=1))
> title(xlab=quote(longitude ~ (NA^o)))
> axis(1,las=1,lwd=0,lwd.ticks=1.0)
> title(ylab=quote(latitude ~ (NA^o)))
> axis(2,las=2,lwd=0,lwd.ticks=1.0)
> Namely, when I want to execute this code it does not plot it and it does not give any error message.
> Therefor I don`t even know what could be wrong.

1. You should tell us that quilt.plot is in the fields package.
2. Do the examples in the documentation produce plots for you?
3. Don't include unnecessary commands like your axis labelling,
    unless they're relevant to the problem. Reduce the quilt.plot
    call to the minimum that causes the problem.
4. Try to provide _reproducible_ data to use in the command that's
    giving you problems.
5. I see some strange characters in the 'legend' specification -
    maybe that's just due to sending HTML mail which you should
    not do.

Peter Ehlers

> Thanks for your help!!!
> Â
> Tamara
> 	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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