[R] reshape2 errors on data frame

Nordlund, Dan (DSHS/RDA) NordlDJ at dshs.wa.gov
Thu Jul 5 19:59:39 CEST 2012

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> On Thu, 5 Jul 2012, John Kane wrote:
> > It would be very helpful to have some sample data to play with.
> John,
>    dput() doesn't want to cooperate so here are 100 rows from the raw
> data
> file that can be input with read.table("sample.dat", header = T, sep =
> "|"):
> 'site'|'sampdate'|'preeq0'|'param'|'quant'|'ceneq1'|'floor'|'ceiling'
> 'A'|'2007-12-12'|1|'Ag'|0.005|1|0|0.005


> 'B-2'|'1992-04-02'|0|'Mn'|0.001|1|0|0.001
> Rich


The melt syntax you provided in a previous email runs without error on the data that you just supplied.  So, your comment that "dput() doesn't want to cooperate" suggests that maybe there is a problem with your waterchem data frame.  Maybe someone else will have more insight into the problem.

Sorry I can't be of more help,


Daniel J. Nordlund
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Planning, Performance, and Accountability
Research and Data Analysis Division
Olympia, WA 98504-5204

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