[R] RedHat Linux intall R failed

John jwd at surewest.net
Mon Jul 9 00:39:41 CEST 2012

The message concerning readline is common in compiling console mode
programs.  If you search on readline, you'll learn what it does.  Since
you are compiling source, the header files for the appropriate
libraries need to available in the path.  You need to install the
readline and readline.h files before you can compile.  If your RedHat
was not installed with the appropriate developer modules, you need to
install them.  You'll need to enter your package manager (Yum,
PackageKit?), if possible, search for "readline," and install the
related files.  Rerun configure.  It may fail one or times success.
Each time, find the appropriate package and install it.  Note also that
if these packages also need to be compiled before they can be used, you
may need to run down other packages as well.  

Think of it as an adventure.


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